The Tipping Point Between Noise And Silence

These days my musical preferences are mostly towards the quieter, instrumental end of the scale. Old favourite Stars Of The Lid, plus newer discoveries Goldmund and 36 have been on heavy rotation in recent weeks. But I'm still fond of rather more noisy music, like My Bloody Valentine or Asobi Seksu. In fact, I've always… Continue reading The Tipping Point Between Noise And Silence

Photography Frustrations? Pare Back, Lean In

My photography output - and the number of photowalks I've been on - has definitely slowed since June and July, despite autumn being my favourite season. Being the thinky type, I've been trying to figure this out. But really, I don't think this (over) analysis is particularly useful, so instead I'm going back to basics.… Continue reading Photography Frustrations? Pare Back, Lean In

Do You Blog To Photograph Or Photograph To Blog?

Do you make photographs just for the sake of having something new to share on your blog? Or do you blog when you're ready, to share the photographs you've already made? Mostly, when I'm out making photographs myself, I'm not thinking about this blog. I just want to find beautiful compositions, and enjoy whichever camera… Continue reading Do You Blog To Photograph Or Photograph To Blog?

Photography – Imagined Or Discovered?

When I'm out with camera, my general approach is to look for things I find beautiful, then try to capture them in a way that will adequately convey that beauty to others. My photography is about discovering what's already there, removing the extraneous from the frame, and making a permanent record of it, for myself,… Continue reading Photography – Imagined Or Discovered?

Photography Happiness – Escaping The Numbers

If you're a regular here you may have noticed I'm pretty fond of numbers and stats, like the activity this blog sees. My daily routine of yoga/exercise/gratitude is packed with numbers like a Snickers is with peanuts, clocking how many press ups and squats and sun salutations I complete, amongst other things. And with photography,… Continue reading Photography Happiness – Escaping The Numbers