The Bare Minimum For Rewarding Photography

You might think the bare minimum for rewarding photography is obvious, especially since so many of us now walk around with a very capable camera in our phone these days. But despite trying my phone as my only camera a few times, it's repeatedly fallen short for the same reasons. Not much wrong with the… Continue reading The Bare Minimum For Rewarding Photography

The Purity Of Enjoying Art Detached From The Artist

When my main medium for listening to music was CDs, I enjoyed reading through the inlay booklet, plus other articles about the artist. It added some backstory to the music, gave it some context. The downside of this approach I think is that we soon form expectations. After finding an artist we like, then instead… Continue reading The Purity Of Enjoying Art Detached From The Artist

How I Stopped Thinking About The Cost Of Film Photography

Back when I was predominantly shooting film, I was very conscious of the real cost of every frame. I'm not going to get into the minutiae of the numbers (yet), but even at its cheapest, every photowalk would end up costing me double figures (pounds). So of course with a tangible cost per shot, it… Continue reading How I Stopped Thinking About The Cost Of Film Photography