Fourteen Precious Minutes

After the extensive spring homeschooling and then summer holidays, we're now a couple of weeks back into a school routine, albeit a slightly altered one. It's got me thinking again about how and what to prioritise, and how we tend to see time differently, depending on what we're doing with it. Money can have a… Continue reading Fourteen Precious Minutes

The Balance Of Conversation

Recently I talked about the new routines we're trying to find, with the kids back to school for the first time in some five months, my wife returning to work, and me on an ever evolving part-office part-home work schedule. Another factor is finding new rhythms to write for 35hunter. It's early days, and I… Continue reading The Balance Of Conversation

My Old Friend, It’s Been Too Long – Pentax Q Back In Action

Sometimes exactly what you're looking for is right in front of you. Recent explorations into Micro Four Thirds (MFT) options, including trying again with my Lumix GF1, and finding I like it less than ever, led me to pretty much write off mirrorless cameras, and instead resolve to stick with my established twin pronged approach.… Continue reading My Old Friend, It’s Been Too Long – Pentax Q Back In Action