These Three Photographs – Bicycles

This is the latest post in an occasional series called These Three Photographs, where I look back at three photographs I've made around a similar theme or subject. You can see previous posts in the series here. This time around, bicycles. Generally, bicycles are symbols of great freedom and self-reliance to me. Far more than… Continue reading These Three Photographs – Bicycles

When You Don’t Realise How Right You Got It The First Time

My photography, I thought, had largely evolved over time to inky, contrasty, b/w shots, usually close up, and fairly minimal in composition. Nine years on from buying my first "proper" camera, a Nikon Coolpix P300, after a few years of Sony camera phones, I was pleased with where I'd reached. But then I went back… Continue reading When You Don’t Realise How Right You Got It The First Time

How To Find The Flow – Habits And Expectations

Habits and flow are fundamental in my life to get anything done. Whether it's blogging, photography, reading, exercise, walking, it just works best for me when I have a habit I just do without thinking too much about the when, where and how. I recall a quote from one of the most powerful men in… Continue reading How To Find The Flow – Habits And Expectations