Retreat, Retreat, The Cameras Are Taking Over!

Two or three years back I had over 50 cameras. Even worse, most were untested, as instead of using one I already had, I was incessantly buying more. Thankfully I'm nowhere near this place again, but I've reached a point where I just have too many cameras. How do I know when this happens? There's a… Continue reading Retreat, Retreat, The Cameras Are Taking Over!

One Month, One Camera – April 2019 (I) – A Month Of M43

In my One Month, One Camera (OMOC) project, March ended 10 days early for the Panasonic Lumix LX2. This was not because I didn't like or rate the camera - I did - but because the original overall purpose seems to have reached a natural conclusion. My aim was to see if I could spend… Continue reading One Month, One Camera – April 2019 (I) – A Month Of M43

The Ugly 10Kg Monster DSLR Around Your Neck

Imagine you're a photographer who enjoys a compact, simple, capable camera that you can slip in your pocket and carry anywhere, and easily set up to get the kind of photographs you like, without hours of post processing. But then someone takes that special little camera away and instead throws an ugly 10kg monster DSLR… Continue reading The Ugly 10Kg Monster DSLR Around Your Neck

Stepping Away From The Window

In the midst of studying at university, I remember asking a psychotherapist friend this question - Can a Buddhist own a PlayStation? At the time I was torn between the allure of technology like consoles, computers, hi-fi and  so on, and the desire to leave everything behind and live incredibly simply - perhaps even monk-like -… Continue reading Stepping Away From The Window

Learning To Love Colour Again (And How To Keep It Simple)

Since last October I've photographed almost exclusively in black and white. So what's got me keenly embracing colour photography again? The black and white phase began with the coinciding of two events - the autumn season and the arrival of a Ricoh GRD III. I only ever intended to shoot b/w with the Ricoh, and… Continue reading Learning To Love Colour Again (And How To Keep It Simple)