Digital Classic Camera Archive!

Whilst older 35hunter readers will recall the days I delighted in 35mm film, my needs evolved, and I haven't shot a full roll since May 2017. I've used digital cameras since my first attempts at shooting with intention around 2006-2007, and my love has continued to grow - prior to, alongside, and eventually beyond -… Continue reading Digital Classic Camera Archive!

Unique Photographic Style – Should It Be Yours Or The Camera’s?

How much of the character of your final photographs should be down to how you've manipulated them, and how much down to the unique personality of the camera and lens you're using? After I'd been shooting film for a while, I realised that once I'd found my favourite few film emulsions, it didn't make a… Continue reading Unique Photographic Style – Should It Be Yours Or The Camera’s?

One Month, One Camera – February 2019 (II)

So this year I'm trying out a One Month, One Camera (OMOC) project, and for February my weapon of choice is the FujiFilm FinePix F810. I wrote an introduction to the camera here, and now I've had a couple more photowalks, I have more thoughts, and of course photographs, to share. What I like about… Continue reading One Month, One Camera – February 2019 (II)