How To Write 555 Blog Posts

I recently published my 555th blog post on 35hunter. As a pure number, this feels like quite an achievement, and assuming a post is on average around 700 words, it adds up to well over 380000 words. Perhaps enough for four or five novels. This doesn't include comments I've written, which perhaps add up to… Continue reading How To Write 555 Blog Posts

Photography In A 15 Minute Radius

My typical photowalk begins with a 10-30 minute car trip, before venturing by foot around an ancient church, or a National Trust or Kew garden, like Wakehurst. Lately though, with restrictions in place on travel, I've been using my bike for the work commute, and otherwise explored the village and surrounding countryside on foot. Fortunately,… Continue reading Photography In A 15 Minute Radius

The Two Bit Camera Toy Box

My cameras broadly fall into two sets. The surefire classics I love and use regularly, like my Ricoh GRD III, Lumix LX3, Pentax Q, Pentax K100D and Pentax K-m. Then, a shoebox with cameras I've yet to try, usually bought very cheaply. The Sony Cyber-shot P51 I talked about recently is one such camera. Given… Continue reading The Two Bit Camera Toy Box

Unexpected Positives In Peculiar Times

Since early March, our country (as much of the world) has gone through increasingly restrictive phases of lockdown to combat the spread of Covid-19. Currently here in England we are advised to stay at home, other than travel to work (where home working is not possible), for essential groceries and medical supplies, or for aiding… Continue reading Unexpected Positives In Peculiar Times